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Delivering flexible and custom digital solutions for Goodman Property globally.

Goodman Property

Goodman Properties is a global property group that owns, develops and manages large scale commercial and industrial real estate. The group manages 400+ properties in 16 countries and continues to expand through a series of acquisitions and organic growth.

RandomBlowup have been supporting Goodman Properties with our digital services since 2012 through various projects. The following are some of the digital highlights from the past 3 years.


  • Goodman Australia
  • Goodman New Zealand

The Goodman ultimate rewards incentive program offers Goodman agents a wide range of travel awards. From sailing the Croatian seas to embarking upon a climb of Mount Everest, Goodman wanted to encourage its agents to put their best foot forward through the website which we helped design.

We wanted to showcase some of the destinations that agents could take advantage of by putting in work which is why we put in work to make the site a stepping stone to their ultimate reward.

Property Microsites

  • Goodman Australia
  • Goodman New Zealand

Goodman has several line of businesses and we developed microsites to showcase each of their properties. Each microsite allowed Goodman to highlight their different offers through custom built Wordpress solutions. This granted them the flexibility to present their range of offerings and the extent of their portfolio.

Video Production.

We’ve also assisted Goodman with the development of video content designed to give a visual representation of the property they have on offer.


Responsive EDMs

  • Goodman Australia
  • Goodman Greater China
  • Goodman Japan
  • Goodman United Kingdom

We developed an EDM template that is now utilised by Goodman properties globally. The template is has a high degree of flexibility and can be customised through their email management system to communicate to their clientele across the globe.

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